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Mrs. Caryl Witt

Witt, Caryl (630) 834-5562 ex.4539 First Grade Teacher cwitt@elmhurst205.org



Week of 10/1/18:     

  •  Comprehension Skills:
    • Character Traits 
    • Lesson/Moral of a Story
  • Word Wall Words: 
    • the, all, how, than
  •  Phonics Skills:
    • Demonstrate Understanding of Spoken Words: Syllables, Sounds           


Week of 10/8/18:  

  •  Comprehension Skills:
    • Ask and Answer Questions
    • Make Predictions
    • Character Traits
  • Word Wall Words:
    • like, be, if, she
  •  Phonics Skills:
    • Rhyming Words
    • Isolate Beginning and Ending Sounds


Week of 10/15/18:  

  •  Comprehension Skills:
    • Ask and Answer Questions
    • Identify Story Elements: Character, Setting, Plot
    • Compare Story Elements
  • Word Wall Words:
    • my, big, don't, put
  •  Phonics Skills:
    • Change Beginning and Ending Sounds to Make New Words


Week of 10/22/18:          

  •  Comprehension Skills:
    • Identify Story Elements: Beginning, Middle, End
  • Word Wall Words:
    • you, as, not, for
  •  Phonics Skills:
    • Identify Syllables in Words                        


Week of 10/29/18:  

  •  Comprehension Skills:
    • Retell Story with Key Elements
  • Word Wall Words:
    • am, has, day, I'm
  •  Phonics Skills:
    • Correct Letter Formation



High Frequency Words




Module 1

social studies.jpg

Understanding democracy and how it relates to the formation of our country will be our topic focus.  Students will learn about the roles of important leaders in our city, state, and country and how voting impacts our nation.



Our year long unit in science is on animals and habitats.  Students will be responsible for knowing the five animal classes and identifying their characteristics.  These include:

  1. Mammals- warm blooded, babies are born alive, drink milk from their mother, have hair or fur
  2. Birds- warm blooded, lay eggs, have feathers
  3. Reptiles- cold blooded, born on land, have scales
  4. Amphibians- cold blooded, born in water, have gills then lungs
  5. Fish- cold blooded, lay eggs, have gills, scales, and fins

Discovering our world's diverse habitats is also another area of focus.  This month our topic is the rainforest.



Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement, nothing can be done without hope and confidence.                 -- Helen Keller


Specials Schedule

Monday - PE

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - PE, Music

Friday - Music, Library





It is important for each and every child to feel special and valued.  During the school year, the children have an opportunity to be the the "TOP DOG" of the week.  A special bag will travel home with instructions to complete a poster and choose special items to share with the students.  The bag will come home on a Friday so the poster can be completed over a weekend and be ready to share on Monday.


apple snack.jpg

Healthy Snacks

District 205 supports "snack breaks" as an important part of a student's day.  A nutritional snack provides essential nutrients for the brain and also additional energy to stay attentive in class.  I am asking for your support by providing your child with a daily nutritious snack. Snacks should be small, non messy, and ready to eat.  Items such as fresh fruit, pretzels, crackers, and vegetables are appropriate choices. Please do not send cookies, candy, "fruit snacks", or chips as they will not be permitted.  We are a nut free classroom!





Your child's birthday is a special event in your child's life.  While birthday treats are not expected, District 205 has instituted a non-edible treat policy for birthdays.  If you wish to send  a treat, some suggestions might include: a pencil, stickers, or erasers.