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Great Parent Videos

Northern Illinois University has put together some great videos to give parents more information and ideas about helping their child succeed in reading.  Check out some of the videos below!


Please note that clicking on the following links will take you to a website outside of Elmhurst School District.


Phonemic Awareness  (Targeting Pre-K - 2nd grade)




Comprehension Strategies

Comprehension of Fiction

Comprehension of Informational Texts

Great Reading Websites For Kids

Please note that clicking on the following links will take you to a website outside of Elmhurst School District.


Fun 4 the Brain Games - Links to English/Reading Games that include sight words, syllables, and more.  This website also has a variety of math games, as well as "just for fun" games.

Sadlier Oxford Phonics - Online games for Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade

Starfall  - Primary grades phonemic awareness, letter, sounds, and early reading activities



Great Reading Websites for Parents

Please note that clicking on the following links will take you to a website outside of Elmhurst School District.


Reading Rockets  - Teaching Kids to Read  Helping Those Who Struggle

Colorin Colorado  - Bilingual Reading Website in English  Spanish


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Check Out these Booklists!

Does your child have a hard time deciding on what book to read?  Having a hard time getting them motivated to try something new? 

The Elmhurst Public Library is a wealth of information.  The booklists are fantastic for any parents who have children who struggle choosing a book from the library.  There are book lists for specific grade levels, interests, genres/topics, and more.  They also include separate lists for Boys and Girls for each grade level.  I especially like the section “If You Liked/Read-Alikes” for kids who love a series, but have now finished reading the series and are looking for a similar book.



Take a peek around the website.  There are great book list ideas and maybe your child will get hooked on a new book or author!


Reading Intervention Program Information

Many of our reading groups are utilizing Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention, Wilson Fundations, Wilson, Comprehension Strategies Kits, and Read Naturally.  Below you will find links to each program, to provide you with some additional information about these programs, and an opportunity to "see" what the programs look like.


Please note that clicking on the following links will take you to a website outside of Elmhurst School District.


Many of our students in reading interventions are using Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention System (LLI).  This program will target phonics instruction and comprehension, while utilizing authentic books - both fiction and non-fiction.  The books cover a wide variety of topics and are high-interest to our students.  The wide range of topics and themes correlate well with the thematic units taught in the classroom with the district literacy program.


Wilson Fundations

Wilson Reading System - Wilson is an intensive reading intervention that we use with our readers (2nd grade and above) requiring additional instruction in phonics/decoding, fluency, and spelling.  The program also includes vocabulary and comprehension instruction.  I am a Wilson certified instructor and utlize this program with both small groups and individual instruction.  The link provides more information about the program.

Comprehension Strategies Kit - This reading intervenion is primarily used with our 3rd - 5th graders that are fluent readers, but struggle with comprehending what they read.

Read Naturally

Assessment Information

Recently your child brought home some assessment information from school-wide AIMSweb testing (K-5th grade) and MAP testing (2nd - 5th grade).  For more information on these tests, check out the links below.

Universal Screening (AIMSweb & MAP)


NWEA MAP testing

MAP Test Parent Toolkit

Check out the great reading websites on the left!

All About Me

I am a reading specialist at Emerson Elementary School in Elmhurst, IL.  This is my 9th year at Emerson and my 14th year teaching.  I received bachelors degrees in Elementary Education and Spanish from Elmhurst College.  I received a master's degree in reading from Concordia University.  In 2011, I completed courses to obtain an ESL certification (English as a Second Language) to work with English Language Learners.  In 2012, I became a Wilson Level 1 Certified teacher. Most recently, in 2015, I completed all requirements to become a Wilson Level 2 Certified teacher and look forward to using these skills to help our students succeed in reading.

How to Read a Progress Monitoring Graph

Recently, your child's progress monitoring graph was either emailed to you or sent home with your child.  Click on the link below to find out how to read these graphs. 

How to Read a Progress Monitoring Graph

FAQ - Response to Instruction (RTI)

Our school district uses RTI to ensure success for all students and to help determine which students need additional support or enrichment in certain areas.  Our district has provided more information for parents about the RTI process. 

Response to Instruction Information

Introduction to RTI Video

Current Assignments