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Dawkins, Carol
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Carol Dawkins

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops."

Emerson Eagles are Respectful, Responsible and Engaged!


Happy Fall!  Hopefully, you and your family have smoothly transitioned into the new school routine.  To add to your child's success, please check their homework each night.  If you're unsure of what their assignment is, check their assignment book or the classroom teacher's webpage.  It is important that your child knows that you are interested in their progress and that you hold them accountable for completing their nightly assignments.  Once these expectations are established and carried through, you and your child will experience success! Help your child be Respectful, Responsible and Engaged! 


Today: 5/19/19

About Me

I began teaching in Elmhurst in 1991.  I earned my undergraduate degree in Special Education and General Education from Western Illinois University.  I received my Masters degree  from National University the same year I began my Elmhurst career.  I have enjoyed working with the students and parents of Elmhurst over the many years; and especially enjoy hearing the success stories of former students as they move into the world of higher education and begin their own careers.