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Ms. Valdez - 2nd Grade Class

Important Dates and Upcoming Events:

January 14- No School for students- Teacher Institute Day
January 14- PTA Family Ice Skating Event Edge Ice Arena 1:00-3:00 pm
January 15- PTA Meeting 8:30 am
January 16- Late Arrival 9:45 start for students
January 18- Student Council's Mismatch Day! January 21- No School- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Class News
What a busy week back I hope everyone enjoyed their winter break and thank you again for the wonderful gifts.


This week in Reading we continued working on nonfiction. We worked on finding the main idea and details in our story. We read Look Out for Turtles, and studied the text structure to help us figure out the main idea of the story. As you read with your child, have them continue working on asking and answering questions about what they have read. Also have them identify the text feature if they are reading nonfiction. This coming week we will continue focusing on main idea and details.

In Math we finished working on module 4 and will start module 5 on Tuesday. We worked on solving number stories and how we can look at key words to help us. Module 5 will continue working on adding and subtracting skills. The big difference is that we will work on numbers up to the thousands. Continue practicing adding and subtracting with regrouping and borrowing with your student.

In writing we each completed our research on a sport we want to learn more about. We used different sources to help us find information about the sport. We looked for famous players, history, equipment, and of course how to play the sport. In the coming week we will turn our research into an informational book.

In science, we started talking about the human body. We started reading about the brain. We will study about three important systems in our body. We will focus on the digestive system, circulatory system, and respiratory system. We will start with the digestive system on Tuesday.


Snack Time

j0432747.jpgWe will have a daily snack break in second grade. Please send a healthy snack such as fruit, vegetables, pretzels, or crackers with your child everyday. Water bottles will also be allowed to be kept on the children's desks as long as they do not become a distraction to the child or the class. Please do not send juices for snack time they are only allowed their water bottle. 

MAP Practice

Here are a couple great websites to practice reading and math skills at home! You will be directed to an appropriate level based on your child's MAP score.  Click on your RIT range that you need to work on.  Always round up if needed.

Click here for reading practice

Click here for math practice

These allow users to go to the reading and math MAP levels for their students.  The Test Tutor has question and answer quizzes to practice recognition of figures of speech, literacy elements, vocabulary building and prefixes and suffixes.  Once the path has been set for the desired skill, students can easily work through at their own reading level for practice. 

Math is similar with computation, number sense, place value, estimation, and probability - all the items that are covered on the MAP tests organized according to the student's score. 




Accel Read Works

Math By Myself

Click on the picture to start your math page. 


Math Game

Click on the links for different math games after you have finished your Zearn Lesson.


Splash Math


2nd grade math games

Fun brain

Math games

Math Playground


ELA and Math Targets

Targets for the week:

I can identify the main idea and supporting details in a nonfiction text.


Math Targets Module 5-
I can use drawings and models to add and subtract to 1,000.
I can change drawings and models of addition and subtraction to writing.
I can subtract three digit numbers using what I know about hundreds, tens, and ones.
I can add 10 or 100 to any number from 100 to 900 in my head.
I can subtract 10 or 100 from any number from 100 to 900 in my head.
I can explain how addition and subtraction works.

Scholastic Book Club

Click on the link below to connect you with the Scholastic website to order books online.

Click here

Weekly Homework


MONDAY-Reading purple folder goes home today

TUESDAY-Reading purple is due today


THURSDAY-Home journal is due

FRIDAY-Home journal goes home today

Specials Schedule

MUSIC: Monday and Tuesday

LIBRARY: Tuesday

GYM: Monday and Friday

ART: Wednesday


Happy Birthday

We enjoy celebrating birthdays in second grade.  It is our school policy that we cannot have any food items brought in as treats.  Non-food items such as pencils, stickers, erasers, note pads, and bookmarks are fine. We have a total of 18 students in our classroom this year.