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Kathryn Cortez


The end of first trimester is upon us and I look forward to meeting with families to discuss your child's progress! A separate ELL conference is not necessary. I enjoy collaborating with the classroom teachers to provide a team approach to conferences. This way parents are not hearing two separate messages but rather two perspectives on your child's progress. Each ELL student will receive an ELL report card. These grades are representative of the progress I see your child making in each of the language domains: reading, writing, listening and speaking. It is possible for students to receive different grades from the ELL specialist and the classroom teachers. This is because the classroom teacher has to grade each student based on grade level expectations and in relation to other students in the grade. In ELL we grade on an individual basis - only looking at one child and the progress they've made. It is possible that a student will show adaquate progress but not yet be at grade level standard. If we are concerned we will share this with you. Otherwise, please know that we are aware of the progression that language learning takes and we feel confident your child will succeed. If you would prefer another conference with me to discuss anything in more depth, please let me know. I look forward to seeing you all on November 23rd or 24th!

Welcome Back!

I am very excited to welcome new and current ELL students back for another school year! There are many things to look forward to throughout the upcoming year: new teachers, new friends and lots of new things to learn. This year our ELL staff has increased again! We will now have Anne-Marie Mitchell on our team. She will spend half her day as a kindergarten teacher and the other half as an ELL Specialist. You may remember Anne-Marie was our ELL Assistant two years ago so we are thrilled to welcome her back to the team. Our grade assignments will be as follows:

Kindergarten: Mrs. Nichols

First Grade: Mrs. Mitchell

Second Grade: Mrs. Nichols and Mrs. Cortez

Third Grade: Mrs. Cortez

Fourth Grade: Ms. Quebbemann

Fifth Grade: Mrs. Cortez

I hope to see you all at Curriculum Night on August 27th from 6:30-8! Please stop by my room (210) and say hello!


New Resources!

Recently our classroom has been awarded two different grants for new resources! 

Donors Choose (www.donorschoose.org)

A proposal submitted on the donors choose website was fully funded by an Elmhurst resident! Our proposal asked for two wireless keyboards to be used with classroom ipads for publishing work, new styluses and screen protectors for our ipads and a cord that allows the ipad to connect to the projector for teaching lessons and modeling work. We already have our materials and the students are using them often! 

District 205 Foundation (www.elmhurst205.org/foundation)

A proposal submitted to the District 205 Organization Thiems Grant program was also fully funded! The Foundation will purchase four new reabbsbvding comprehension kits for use with our ELL students. The kits include fiction and nonfiction texts for practice with a variety of comprehension strategies including generalizing, summarizing, finding main idea and more. The kits come in various grade levels so we can work with students throughout the school in different grades and skill levels. 

These new resources will add much to our classroom and have such a positive effect on student learning. Also, the students feel very proud that people saw value in them and their learning enough to donate their money to us. If you are interested in donating to either of these sites, please click on the links above. 


FREE English Classes Offered to District 205 Families

This Spring there will be Free English classes offered to ANY District 205 families.  The classes are through College of DuPage and will meet right here in town at Conrad Fischer Elementary School.  Details are below. A detailed flyer can also be found in the resources tab. 

Spring ESL Classes Spring Semester
Date:  Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Time:  6:00 pm
Location:  Fischer Elementary School
Start Date:  January 26, 2015
Days:  Mondays and Wednesdays
Time:  6:00 - 8:50 pm
Location:  Fischer Elementary School

Some Websites to Visit!

Below are some sites you and your child may enjoy throughout the year:

ELL Bilingual Program

District 205 has two transitional programs for English Language Learners who need language and content assistance. A screening and testing program qualify students for these programs, general ...more

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