Emerson Elementary School

5th Grade Links

Biography Research

Use the following resources to research the person you chose for the 5th grade biography project. 

Britannica Online http://school.eb.com/levels/elementary

Factcite http://www.factcite.com/ (login and password needed - see Mrs. Blanford for more information)

Grolier Online http://go-middle.grolier.com/


Titanic Passenger Research

Use the following links to research your selected Titanic passenger and complete your boarding pass. 

Titanic Passenger List http://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/titanic-passenger-list/

Use this webpage to choose a passenger by class, age, gender, and role on board. 

Titanic Biographies http://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/titanic-biographies/

Use this webpage to research your selected passenger and find the necessary information. Look at basic facts, photographs, and articles attached. 

Titanic Onboard https://www.nmni.com/titanic/On-Board.aspx

Use these webpages to access information about eating, sleeping, accommodations, and activities on board the Titanic. Fill in the information that fits your passenger's class. 


Who Was Biographies

Click the following link to take a quiz to test your knowledge of the famous people featured in the "Who Was?" series. http://www.whowasbookseries.com/whohq/


American Indian Research

Artifact Resources

National Museum of the American Indian: Infinity of Nations Art and History Collections

Includes the following regions: Plains/Plateau, Southwest, Woodlands, California/Great Basin, and Northwest Coast


Surrounded by Beauty: Arts of Native America

Includes the following regions: Northwest, Southwest, Plains, Northeast Woodlands, Mississippi Valley (Southeast)



American Indian Research

Region Location, Physical Features, Natural Resources


Search by locations in your region (e.g., state names) or names of physical features/natural resources



American Indian Research



Look in the Student/S: Drive, Library 2014-5, 5th, American Indian Images folder for images of people who lived in your region. Search for an image from your region by tribe names. All images must be cited as coming from Archives. gov. 


Internet Safety Quizzes



Click the link above to access a quiz to test your internet safety knowledge. 


Dictionary Lesson

BrainPop: Dictionary and Thesaurus

Click the link above to access the BrainPop lesson on dictionaries and thesauri. Click on the blue "Quiz" box in the bottom left hand corner. Try the Review Quiz. 

Quia: Rags to Riches Quiz

Click the link above to access the Quia Rags to Riches quiz on dictionary guide words. Read the questions carefully and see if you can determine on which page the given word will be shown. Try to reach the $1,000,000 level!