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Lexia (This is a computer-based reading program that builds reading skills. Check your child's reading bag for log-in and password information.)

RAZ Kids  (Students can read, listen to, and even self-record reading books at their level.  Reading comprehension quizzes along the way show the progress that your child is making.  Your child can access assignments on a computer, tablet, or phone.  Check your child's reading bag for log-in and password information.

Newsela (Newsela is a great way to build reading comprehension with nonfiction that's always relevant: daily news. This site if for 3rd-5th grade.  It is free.  You need to provide an email address and then your child can read daily news and answer comprehension questions that go along with each news story.)  

Read Works (Read works provides leveled non-fiction and literary passages with comprehension questions that can be printed and used with students. It is a free site once you register.  This website is for students that need help with reading comprehension.)

Starfall (This website has fun activities for all the letters of the alphabet) 

Literactive (This is a free website once you sign up with great reading activities at all different levels.) 

Tammy Dospoy


All students will have a reading bag that they will bring home every day.  In your child's reading bag they will have one book, play, or passage that they should practice reading at home.  If you have extra time to practice more than one book that is great! Students will have on average a total of 5-10 books in their reading bags that they can choose from for independent reading. Rereading the same books will help improve your child's reading.  Students will also have log-in information for both Lexia and RAZ Kids in their reading bags.  These are both great websites that will help improve your child's reading. 

Lexia (Lexia is a computer-based program that builds reading skills.)

RAZ-Kids (Students can read, listen to, and even self-record reading books at their level.  Reading-comprehension quizzes along the way show the progress that your child is making.  Your child can access assignments on a computer, tablet, or phone.)

Have your child fill out their Lexia and RAZ-Kids sheets so they can receive a SOAR slip from me in class.  

Please make sure to check reading bags daily.  Thank you for all of your help in listening to your child read--it truly makes a difference! 


Does your child have a hard time deciding on what book to read?  Having a hard time getting them motivated to try something new? 

The Elmhurst Public Library is a wealth of information.  The booklists are fantastic for any parents who have children who struggle choosing a book from the library.  There are book lists for specific grade levels, interests, genres/topics, and more.  They also include separate lists for Boys and Girls for each grade level.  I especially like the section “If You Liked/Read-Alikes” for kids who love a series, but have now finished reading the series and are looking for a similar book.

Elmhurst Public Library

Take a peek around the website.  There are great book list ideas and maybe your child will get hooked on a new book or author!



Our school is very fortunate to have a wide variety of reading intervention programs to use with students in K-5th grade that help support reading growth.  I have listed below the intervention programs that my reading groups are using by grade level.  Click on the links below to get more information about the reading programs that your child is working in at school.  

K-2 Reading Interventions

3-5 Reading Interventions


You will receive a progress monitor graph with each progress report that your child brings home.   Click on the link below to find out how to read these graphs. 

How to read a progress monitor graph


Our school district uses RTI to ensure success for all students and to help determine which students need additional support.  Our district has provided more information for parents about the RTI process. 

Response to Instruction Information



Throughout the school year your child will be bringing home assessment information from school wide AIMSweb testing (K-2nd grade) and MAP testing (2nd-5th grade).  For more information on these tests, check out the links below.  

Universal Screening (AIMSweb & MAP)


NWEA MAP testing

MAP Test Parent Toolkit