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Any student who goes home for lunch, will tell their teacher during attendance. Students will be excused to the office when it is time for their lunch. Parents, please park at MQH and meet your children by the main office door. Students who go home for lunch are to return to the office area no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the end of their lunch hour. Students may not join recess when they return.


Students can bring their own lunches from home. We encourage students to eat waste free by using reusable containers when they bring their lunch.  Hot lunches will be served on reusable plastic trays. Please read the monthly menus with your children to make sure that they like the hot lunch served that day. Students may purchase milk and/or a hot lunch using their own lunch cards with picture and name identification. Please read for more information  about setting up a lunch account or adding money to your child's account on the district website. You can also find dietary information and ingredients for the lunches.


Emerson has a staggered lunch schedule. Grades 1 & 5 have lunch/recess from 11:05-12:05. Grades 2 & 3 have lunch/recess from 11:35-12:35 and grade 4 from 12:05-1:05. Students eat lunch first and finish the hour with a combination of recess and relaxation time.

Churchville Pick Up Procedures

Please follow the pick up procedures when picking up students at Churchville. We use this plan for all after-school band and orchestra rehearsals.  (Intermediate groups on Tuesdays and Prep groups on Thursdays.) 

Pick Up Procedures for Churchville

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Parent Handbook

Please make sure to read the NEW Parent Handbook. (See left panel on the home page  for link). Please remember to discuss with your children the information that is included in the handbook. Please sign and return the Internet Safety page and the page indicating that you have read and reviewed the handbook.

News from The Health Office....

During the school year, children often become ill, from coldes, influenza, stomach flu, strep throat and other types of communicable illnesses.  Frequently, children will miss a day or two of school from these types of illnesses, once the symptoms of the illness appear.  Prior to the onset of symptons however, children are often contagious a day or so before, and are present at school, and may unknowingly pass along their illness to other persons.

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No Pets


Please remember to keep all pets at home when dropping off or picking up your children. Dogs and other animals are not allowed on school property. You can meet your children across West Ave. if you choose to walk your dogs and the children can cross West Ave. with Henry, our crossing guard.  We need to keep the safety of our children first.


School Attendance and Vacations


Regular attendance is vital to success in school. Parents or guardians are expected to maintain a regular attendance pattern for their children and to inform the school of any absence and its cause. Family vacations planned on school attendance days are discouraged. There are many different learning activities and opportunities going on in classrooms each day. Not everything can be done independently as most require some level of prior instruction from the classroom teacher. These procedures are intended to help parents and students understand the academic responsibilities relative to extended absences. Now is the time to plan your vacations during planned vacation periods. The 2016- 2017 Calendar is published on the district website. Please plan any family trips for next year during one of the vacation break periods built into our calendar.