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24-Hour Attendance Line


Regular School Hours:

1st-5th grade:
8:15 AM to 3:00 PM

Lunch Period 1 

(1st, 2nd grade) 
10:55 AM - 11:55 AM

Lunch Period 2

(3rd, 4th & 5th grade)
11:25 AM - 12:25 PM

AM Kindergarten
8:15 AM to 11:05 AM
PM Kindergarten
12:05 PM to 3:00 PM


AM Kindergarten 
9:45 AM to 11:55 AM

PM Kindergarten
12:55 PM to 3:00 PM

Grades 1 - 5
9:45 AM to 3:00 PM

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Office Contacts

Thompson, Michelle
Billenstein, Sheila
Lead Secretary sbillenstein@elmhurst205.org
Guimon, Eileen
Assistant Secretary eguimon@elmhurst205.org
Pavone, Karen


School Nurse

Charlene Roubik


Upcoming Important Dates

Dates to Remember

August 8- PTA Kinder play date at Emerson Park 1:30-3:00

August 13- PTA Kinder play date at Emerson Park 5:00-6:30
August 14- School Supply Drop Off/PTA Ice Cream Social 3:30-4:30
August 15- First Day of School!

August 15- PTA Opening Day Coffee in the Library 8:15-10:00am, 

                  12:30 pm for afternoon kinder parents

August 30- Curriculum Night

See Emerson Events for additional calendar items
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Fairy Tale Follies Performances will be aired through the month of June on Comcast!  The shows will be on COMCAST Channel 6 and AT&T U-Verse Channel 99. The programs may also be found at ElmhurstTV.com.



Emerson Elementary School Presents

“The 18th Annual Fairy Tale Follies”

The Elves and the Shoemaker & The Princes and the Peas

Tuesdays @ 5:00pm & Saturdays @ 5:00pm


Drawn by Frannie Buxton, 4th grader

Summer Expectations by Grade Level

Full STEAM Ahead at Emerson!

Emerson News


At its May 8 meeting, the Board of Education heard an update from the All Day Kindergarten Committee. In the state of Illinois, 79% of 859 districts are offering all-day programs, as of 2015.


“All Day Kindergarten educates the whole child in a developmentally appropriate manner,” said Lincoln Principal Jen Barnabee. “It enhances the legacy of Elmhurst by supporting students to reach their full potential. Children in full day classes excel in reading, number knowledge, writing and self-regulation versus their half-day peers. A full day program provides us the time to make the learning experience for our youngest students even better. They deserve the same robust, inter-disciplinary as the rest of our students receive.”


View the Kindergarten video created by D205 Communications Office here:




Happy Friday!


We had a great penultimate week of school full of many fun and special events! On Monday, the Elmhurst Public Library came to tell the students about their Summer Reading Program.  They are awarding a trophy this year to the school that has the most percentage of their students participate. I know Emerson can bring home the win!!  Be sure to head to the library this summer to help your child participate in the program! On Tuesday, the third graders had an awesome field trip to the Chicago Historical Museum. From the pictures I have seen it looks like they had tons of fun! On Wednesday, the second graders had a beautiful day to experience a historical setting at the Napersettlement.  Congratulations to our 5th graders as they celebrated their DARE graduation on Thursday afternoon and thank you to Officer Hawkins and the Elmhurst Police Department for their partnership! Also, throughout the week the three kindergarten classrooms celebrated their moms with a Mother’s Day activity and sing. We also had the materials and labor donated to build a fence around our new teaching garden! Next week we are looking forward to our field day events, our last cultural assembly provided by PTA, Planting Day in our new teaching garden and the last day of school!


FIELD DAY REMINDERS: We will have a normal lunch on Tuesday (Field Day). There is no box lunch this year!  Students can bring their own lunch or buy a hot lunch just like a regular day. We will be starting the lunch time thirty minutes later than usual that day. 1st and 2nd lunch hour will be 11:30-12:30, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades will be 12:00-1:00.


5th GRADE CLAP OUT: Just a reminder, the 5th grade students will be “clapped out” next Friday morning at early dismissal time. They will walk through the halls and be applauded by all the other students, then come out through Door 5 (where they normally dismiss). We invite parents to create a tunnel outside that door for the students to walk through. They will begin their walk at 11:10 so parents, be sure to get there by 11:10 so you don’t miss it!  The other students will be dismissed after the clap out is over and the bell rings out their normal doors!


VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES NEXT WEEK: We would love some extra help next week at a few events…

-Composting Day in the Lunchroom (Tuesday from 11:30-1:00), we will be teaching the students about composting in the lunchroom.

-Planting Day (Wednesday from 8:30-11:30 and 12:30-2:30), we would love extra hands in the new teaching garden to help guide students to plant and to help run a learning activity.

Please let me know if you are able to help volunteer! michellethompson@elmhurst205.org


YEARBOOKS: Yearbooks will be distributed on Wednesday next week. If you missed the yearbook deadline and would like a yearbook for your child, please contact Lisa Moran via email at L_moran22@yahoo.com. Quantities are limited and the cost is $18 cash only. Please do not ask the office for extra yearbooks...you must contact Lisa for more information.


Additional Notes and Reminders:

  • Current student 18-19 registration… you should have received a snapcode email last week, please contact the Emerson office if you did not.
  • May 20th is Make a Difference Day… thank you to all of the families who have signed up to help! In case of inclement weather, we will email all families who signed up on Sunday morning if we need to postpone!
  • 1st-5th grade Field Day will be May 22nd and Kindergarten Field Day will be May 21st! The day for 1st-5th graders will consist of games in the morning, a regular lunch, and an awesome assembly in the afternoon… thank you PTA for your help planning all the events of the day!
  • Last Day of School…The last day for kindergarteners will be Thursday, May 24th with a regular dismissal schedule. The last day for 1st-5th graders will be Friday, May 25th. Dismissal will be at 11:15am!
  • Thursday, May 24th at 8:30 am is Emerson’s Listening Group with Dr. Moyer and a member of his cabinet. Please join us to learn about the future plans for D205!
  • See below for information from our PTA Go Green Committee and an Eat and Earn opportunity for the D205 Education Foundation!

Have a great weekend!

Michelle Thompson



No need to pack a lunch or cook dinner on Tuesday, May 22nd! Head to Currito  272 N. York Rd (next to Panera Bread) for  lunch and dinner entrees! You will be supporting the D205 Foundation which just funded close to $97,000 in educational grants for Elmhurst Public Schools. 20% of eat in or carry out purchases will be donated to the foundation all day! Remember to put your receipt in the ballot box near the register! 




The Go Green Committee is hosting a “Composting Day” in the Emerson lunchroom on Tuesday, May 22nd!  Go Green has donated a Hot Frog compost bin so we can make rich soil for our new Learning Garden.   We need to get it started and we need your help!


Please consider packing a lunch for your child on this day, filled with fruits and vegetables!  Encourage them to look for the compost collection when they’re done eating so they can toss their scraps (banana peels, apple cores, crusts of bread, etc) into the bin!


Do you have a green thumb and would like to volunteer in the lunchroom on Tuesday, May 22nd?  We’ll need some helpful eyes watching what goes IN and make sure the “no-no’s” don’t become a part of our wonderful mix.   Email Leslie Robbins at Leslie@LeslieGrayRobbins.comfor more info!


Ingredients to Include in Compost:

  • Any non-animal food scraps: fruits, vegetables, peelings, bread, cereal, coffee grounds and filters, tea leaves and tea bags (preferably minus the staples)
  • Old herbs and spices
  • Leaves
  • Grass clippings



  • Old, dry pasta
  • Nut shells
  • Corn cobs
  • Pits from mangos, avocados, peaches, plums, etc.


    Real No-Nos

  • Animal products — meat, bones, butter, milk, fish skins
  • Pet droppings, especially dogs & cats


    The raw materials that go into compost come from organic waste. These green, organic disposables can come from your garden, your kitchen (coffee grounds), and even your home at large.   The more of it you keep from the trash, the more you keep from landfills. According to the United States EPA, yard trimmings and food residuals together constitute 20-30 percent of the U.S. municipal solid waste stream. That’s a lot of waste to send to landfills when it could become beneficial, environmentally sound compost instead!


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