Emerson Elementary School

CICO- Check In/Check Out

What is CICO?

žCICO - Check In/Check Out is ...
  • a program to help us make connections with students who are having trouble at school. 
  • ždesigned for students with moderate problem behaviors.
  • ža program in which students check in/out with a mentor adult who check in and out with students at the start and end of each school day.
  • žan opportunity for students to get feedback from teachers throughout the day.
  • shared daily by students with their parents.

See the CICO Checkout Cards.

What do students do?

  • žStudents establish 1-3 goals with the CICO adult.
    • Goals are based on the school-wide expectations.
    • Typical goal is to achieve at least 80% of daily available points.
  • žStudents on CICO have a point card they pick up at the beginning of each day.
  • žAdults in each setting award the student 1-3 (or 0-2, etc.) points for appropriate behavior during each subject.
  • žStudents return the CICO card to the CICO check-out adult at the end of the school day.
  • Students take home CICO card to share their day with parents.


CICO - Learn More

See a video on the CICO system. The video shows how a student goes from teacher to teacher checking in on how their day went. When a student goes home, parents will ask how their day went and sign their CICO sheet for the student to bring back to school. Everyone who talks to the student focus' on the positive.